Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy of Kiinteistöhuolto Määttä Oy required by the Act on the Protection of Privacy and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU. This Privacy Policy has been last updated on the 13th of December 2019.

  1. Register holder
    Kiinteistöhuolto Määttä Oy
    Snellmaninkatu 19-21 D 16
    00170 Helsinki
  2. Register contact person
    Marja Kankainen, tel. +358 (0)400 152 897,
  3. Name of the register
    Resident register
  4. The content and sources of the register
    The register holder (Kiinteistöhuolto Määttä Oy) collects selected personal data, such as the residents or his/her family members names, date of birth, the moving date (in or out), email address and phone number, to a personal register (= resident register). The data is mainly collected from the residents. It is also possible for a member of the same household to notify the above-mentioned information to the register holder. The data can also be passed on to the register holder through the housing manager or the previous maintenance company (previous register holder). To confirm that the resident register is correct and up to date, the register holder can if necessary, request information from official sources such as the local register office.
  5. The purpose of gathering and handling the personal data
    The main justification or purpose of the resident register is to be able to provide services to the resident according to the maintenance agreement with the building in question. The data will not be used for automated decision making or profiling.
  6. The location, maintenance and protection of personal data
    The resident register is digital and it is saved in the AVUX -work management system with occupant database by Kupari Solutions Oy. According to the system provider the SaaS-servers of AVUX with its data are well secured in the protective environment of their subcontractor Otaverkko. The system provider assures that the server does not transfer data outside the EU. The AVUX -work management system with occupant database is accessible only by personal user name and password. It must be noted however, that in spite of our effort to guarantee the safety of data, no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage is 100 % secure.
    After the residency the resident data will be kept in the register in the extent and as long as it is necessary due to the potential need for the clarification of apartment-specific issues. Kupari Solutions Oy is developing a system that automatically erases personal data from the work management system with occupant database after a certain period of time when the resident has moved out. The register holder will take this feature in use as soon as it is possible.
  7. The surrendering and transfer of data
    The resident data is handled only as a means of taking care of the residential relationship and the maintenance of the apartment. Name and other contact information can be handed over to the housing manager and contractors (such as electricians and plumbers) in order to carry out urgent and/or important tasks regarding the building and/or the apartment. The data is provided only for communicating with the resident and it is not used for marketing purposes etc. The resident register data can also be handed over to the authorities if they present a legal request. The data is not handed over to any other parties. The data is not transferred outside the EU or the European Economic Area (EEA) by the Register Holder.
  8. The rights of the data subject
    The person in the register (the data subject) has the right to review his/her data and demand the rectification of possible inaccurate information or have incomplete personal data completed. The data subject has the right to request his/her personal data to be erased from the register without undue delay (“the right to be forgotten”). The data subject also has all the rights described in the EUs General Data Protection Regulation GDPR ( The requests concerning inspection, completion, rectification, erasure, restriction or objection of the data shall be made in writing to the register contact person.

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